The Candy GirlsAlan Johnson

The Candy Girls were founded in 2011 by Elkie Jeffery, who was swiftly joined by Freyja Sculpher and Debbie Watt. The three had been performing together in other shows for a number of years but came together as The Candy Girls so they could share their love of close-harmony and all things vintage!

Elkie heads up the team and manages the band on a day-to-day basis, she may be silly onstage but offstage she is all together! Freyja, as the resident artist, takes care of the look and feel of the show and heads up The Candy Girls growing presence on social media. Debbie is a true asset to the band as the in-house choreographer – what would they do without her!

You will be transported back in time with The Candy Girls’ wartime nostalgia show – a rousing and heartfelt tribute to the music of the 1940s. This variety show is packed with songs from the stars of the era, including Glen Miller, The Andrews Sisters and Vera Lynn, as well as traditional sing-along songs that will have you swaying in your seats.

Dressed in period costume, performing in authentic three-part harmony, dancing in the style of the era and even singing in four different languages, The Candy Girls present a truly international salute to the morale-boosting music of our finest generation.

For more information see The Candy Girls Website.